As part of the exhibit we provided postcards and a postbox, encouraging the public to respond to what they have seen as creatively as they would like.

We received over sixty replies, many of which stated visitors were unfamiliar with Wordsworth’s works, and would go away and read more. A number expressed surprise that Wordsworth had visited Ireland, and several included sketches of daffodils.

Two visitors, however, wrote their own poems, which we reproduce below.

7:00am Bus Ride Antrim Road

Schools are off, the bus is silent.

Some riders absorbed by the phone but the rising sun catches my attention.

To the left Belfast Lough’s beauty is magnified and to the right Napoleon’s Nose watches over a city

Starting its day.

Sparrows, blackbirds and starlings feeding in leafy gardens whilst waterworks mallards catch the morning-rays.



Quite nights, lonely roads.

Did I leave you in

the much wanted chaos, my love?

Silent ocean, echoing forests,

Did I leave you amidst

the passing storms?

Deep sighs, slow breaths

Do you remember me,

between them?


We would like to warmly thank all our respondents for their comments, creative pieces and feedback.